Rice and Peas (Riso e Piselli)

Rice and Peas
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Difficulty: Easy
Cost: Moderate
Time: About 25 min.

Ingredients for 4 people:
1 lb. of Arborio rice
10 oz. canned sweet peas (2/3 of a 15 oz. can, drained)
1/3 of a white or yellow onion, finely grated
Olive oil (regular)
1 can (15 oz.) of tomato sauce (with no other ingredients added)

In a casserole dish put about 4 tablespoons of olive oil. Set your stove to a medium-low setting. When the olive oil is warm, add the grated onion and stir frequently with a wooden spoon. Once the onion becomes transparent (this is called “soffritto”) add the can of tomato sauce and the 1/3 can of sweet peas (drain them before use). Cover and cook, stirring often, for about 15-20 minutes; toward the end slightly lift the lid and keep it open using the same wooden spoon. At the end, adjust salt.

In a stockpot add water (at least 1 quart per person) and bring to a boil at the highest setting. When the water boils add some kosher salt (about a rounded tablespoon). Then when the water resumes boiling, add the Arborio Rice (please don’t use an inferior quality). Cook it until done (usually 16-18 minutes). Drain it and add the sauce previously prepared. Serve it immediately.

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